Limited Black Market Estelí Diamond Released

Alec Bradley’s new limited-edition, diamond-shaped Black Market Estelí is now heading to cigar shops worldwide.

A follow-up to the 91-point Nica Puro Diamond Rough-Cut, Black Market Estelí Diamond measures 6 1/4 inches by 54. Unlike traditional box-pressed cigars that have a rectangular press, the new Black Market has been molded into a unique diamond shape with four sides of the same length.

As with other Black Market Estelí cigars, the new Diamond is made with two binders, and filler from Nicaragua, all covered in a Nicaraguan wrapper. An extra leaf of ligero grown in Nicaragua has been added to the filler blend, resulting in a bolder smoke.

The Black Market Esteli Diamon was produced in a limited run of 1,500 boxes, each holding 16 cigars.

The highly-rated Nica Puro Diamond Rough-Cut is currently available on Cigars of Habanos.

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