Two New Infused Releases from Drew Estate: Acid 20 Toro & Tabak Especial Lonsdale

Drew Estate has released, ACID 20 Toro, a 6″ x 50 toro that is being added to the ACID 20 line. It was originally announced as a July 2020 release but has just been shipped to retailers, joining the already released ACID 20 Robusto.

Released to commemorate Drew Estate’s iconic Acid brand, ACID 20 uses a Mexican San Andrés wrapper over Indonesian binder and fillers from Nicaragua. Drew Estate marketed the ACID 20 as having a more subtle infusion than other ACIDs. Earlier this year Jonathan Drew, Founder and President of Drew Estate recalled, “When we released ACID Cigars in 1999, we felt like it was “us against the world.”  They said that “we would be out of business in two months” and we even had a friend say “you won’t even last two weeks.”  But we knew that we created something special, something beautiful … so we decided to fight for it and not look back.  I think that the pain behind our struggle to survive for so many years made the debut of Acid 20 feel that much more impactful.  We wish to thank those of you who took the journey by our side, 1400CC, pedal to the metal.  Sincere appreciation for believing in us.”



Drew Estate’s popular Tabak Especial infused line has also seen the addition of a Lonsdale (6.75″ x 44) to both Tabak Especial Dulce and Tabak Especial Negra lines. The Tabak Especial Dulce line uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper over a Sumatran binder and Nicaraguan fillers. The Negra version uses an undisclosed maduro wrapper. Both cigars are infused with coffee flavoring. Outside the USA, Tabak Especial is sold under the Medio and Oscuro lines.

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