Punch Receives 8-9-8 Lonsdale Asia Pacific Release

The Londsale format is somewhat neglected by Habanos, with slim pickings available in Cuban cigar portfolio. This makes the Punch 8-9-8 (6.75″ x43) Asia Pacific regional release a surprising and welcome addition!

Known as a dalia in Cuban cigar factories, the Punch 8-9-8 shares its dimensions with other Lonsdales such as the Cohiba Siglo V and the Partagás 8-9-8. Only 8,888 boxes were produced in the Punch 8-9-8, and although they have just recently arrived to the Asia Pacific market, the Punch 8-9-8 is officially cataloged as a 2018 release.

Traditional 8-9-8 cigars are so named for the way they’re packaged. Rather than two layers of cigars per box of 25, they are arranged in three layers: eight cigars on the bottom, nine in the middle and eight on top. The Punch 8-9-8 cigars, however, do not adhere to this format and are simply presented in a 10-count box.

Stay tuned for information on the Punch 8-9-8’s availability on Cigars of Habanos.

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