Cigar Body vs. Strength

Cigars are often described as mild, medium or full. These distinctions are usually applied to body and strength, meaning that we often see classifications such as medium-bodied and medium strength. You may expect full-bodied cigar to also be full strength, but that’s not always the case.

Body refers to depth or intensity of the cigar’s flavour profile. The body of a cigar determines how much of it we can taste.  A mild-bodied cigar would be considered light on the palate, while a full-bodied cigar would feature dense smoke with flavours which linger on the palate. It is a matter of personal preference but veteran smokers tend to prefer full bodied cigars, while new smokers prefer milder bodied smokes.

Strength however refers to the cigar’s nicotine content and the subsequent effect on the smokers body. Strength is a relative term as nicotine tolerance will vary across individuals, but generally a  cigar that’s classified as having mild strength shouldn’t have much of a nicotine effect, while stronger cigars may impart the euphoric nicotine buzz or, if you’re smoking above your tolerance levels, the negative side effects of nicotine sickness.

Strength and body are generally correlated because the leaves that provide the most flavor also have the most nicotine, however there is no direct correlation between a cigar’s wrapper colour and its strength, as a cigar’s body and strength is mostly dictated by its filler tobacco.


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