Montecristo: Buying Guide

Despite being one of Cuba’s most popular exports and a mainstay in the Habanos portfolio, Montecristo is a fairly young brand by Cuban standards. The brand was created by Alonso Menendez and first rolled in 1935 in Havana. According to cigar lore, Menendez named his new brand after The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and decorated the box with a triangle of rapiers, a tribute to the swords referred to in the novel.

Today, Montecristo is one of Habanos’ flagship marcas, and comprises some of the world’s best selling cigars.


The Band

The Montecristo band comprises 4 main elements.

1) Fleur-de-Lis – Embossed gold since 2013. Embossed white pre-2013.

2) Decorative Lines – Flat gold since 2013. Flat white pre-2013

3) Brown Band – Glossy. Shade has darkened from previous iterations. Previously matte finish

4) White Circles – Embossed white. In between the circles are the words “Montecristo” and “Habana” are displayed along with 2 dots. A white line also borders the decorative inlay

The Core Line

The core Montecristo lineup is made up of over a dozen formats and offers a classic medium-strength Cuban profile. The Montecristo No. 4 (Petit Corona) is a great starting point for the marca, offering an earthy, floral smoke with sweeter notes of cocoa. The Montecristo No. 2 (Pyramid) is also immensely popular, and the 2015 release Media Corona (Half Corona) has been popular with fans of shorter, full smokes. The Montecristo core line also contains the only regular production “A” format in the Habanos portolio. The 9 1/4 inch smoke is the longest made in Cuba today on a regular basis.

The Edmundo Line

Strictly speaking, the Edmundo series is considered part of the core Montecristo lineup, but a case can be made that the line is distinct. The Edmundos are medium-full and offer rich profiles of nuts, coffee bean, cocoa, oak and earth. These flavourful cigars are popular with novice and longtime smokers alike, and all sizes have been featured in numerous year-end “Best of” lists.

Available in 3 formats: Petit Edmundo (Petit Robusto), Edmundo (Robusto), Double Edmundo (Corona Gorda)


The Open Series

Seen as a curiosity upon their release, the open series was intended as a lighter expression of the Montecristo line targeted towards golfers and casual smokers. Initial reviews were not entirely positive, but opinions have shifted as the Open blend has matured, and possibly undergone changes. The blend is still milder than the core Montecristo series, while offering a creamy and complex experience with the classic Montecristo flavours of coffee, cocoa, vanilla, earth and leather.

Available in four formats: Junior (Petit Corona), Regata(Pyramid), Eagle (Corona Gorda), Master (Robusto)


Linea 1935

The newest member of the Montecristo family is the Linea 1935, introduced at the 2017 Festival del Habanos, but only seeing release in 2019. The Linea 1935 is intended to be a full-bodied, ultra-premium addition to the Montecristo marca. The Linea 1935 are said to offer an intensified version of the classic Monte profile and early reviews have been positive.

Available in 3 formats: Leyenda (Maravillas No. 2, 6.5″ x 55) , Maltés (Sobresalientes, 6″ x 53), Dumas, (Prominente Corto, 5.1″ x 49)

In addition to the regular production lines featured above, Montecristo has been included in the Habanos Anejados Series, and is often chosen for regional releases and limitadas.

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