Cohiba: Buying Guide

The name “Cohiba” has almost become synonymous with “Cuban cigar”, which is fitting as the name is derived from the Taino word for tobacco. These classic cigars are always in demand and priced at a premium, so what should one expect when investing in a box of Cohiba?

Firstly, Cohiba cigars are constructed from the best tobacco grown in the premium Vuelta Abajo region. The Seco & Ligro filler leaf is also given an exclusive third fermentation for added flavour and complexity. Cohiba launched in the 1960s with 3 formats, and now features twenty regular production cigars across 4 ranges.

Línea Clásica

The Línea Clásica is made up of seven formats – Panetela, Lancero, Corona Especial, Robusto, Exquisito, Espléndido, Piramides Extra. The first three were original releases within the marca, while the latter three were added in 1989. The Piramides Extra is the most recent addition to the classic range, released in 2012. Cigars in the Línea Clásica are medium to full strength, with a rich and complex character, featuring creamy notes of cedar, cocoa, leather and spice.

Cohiba Robusto
Cohiba Robusto (4.9″ x 50) – A popular format from the Línea Clásica

Línea 1492

Habanos released this line in 1992 to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in Cuba. The initial release featured five formats, with the Siglo VI added in 2002, and the Medio Siglo released in 2017. The Línea 1492 is more approachable than the Línea Clásica, featuring cigars of medium strength. The flavours are classic Cohiba, with a creamy, complex, and aromatic profile. The Siglo II (5.1″ x 42) is a popular choice and great introduction to the Línea 1492. 25 count boxes are currently available for $306 at Cigars of Habanos.

Medio Siglo (4″x52), the newest addition to Línea 1492

Línea Maduro  5

Launched in 2007, the Línea Maduro 5 consists of three formats and is notable for the dark wrappers featured. These wrappers undergo maturation for at least five years which result in a rich, spicy flavour. The Línea Maduro 5 are medium-full, with flavours of dark chocolate, espresso, earth, charred wood, pepper and spice. The Secretos (4.3″ x 40) are the smallest in the Línea Maduro 5 and boxes of 10 are available for $125 of Cigars of Habanos.

Secretos (4.3″ x 40), the smallest member of the Línea Maduro 5

Línea Behike

The Línea Behike was released in 2010 as a strong, full-flavoured and ultra-premium range. This range uses very rare medio tiempo tobacco, the uppermost pair of leaves which can only be found in some of the tobacco plants growing in the sun. The medio tiempo gives the cigar an exceptionally rich and aromatic taste. Since their launch, Behikes have won much critical acclaim, with the BHK 52 receiving a rating of 97 from Cigar Aficionado. Immaculately constructed, Behikes offer a velvety texture and wide array of flavours. A Box 10 of the Behike 52 is currently available for $807 at Cigars of Habanos.

Cohiba Behike 52 (4.7″ x 52) – The smallest format in the Linea Behike. 97 Point Rating

In addition to these regular production ranges, Cohiba cigars are available in a variety of short, mini and club formats, as well as numerous Habanos special releases. Comment below and let us know which Cohiba cigar is your favourite!

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